Rahele Jomepour


Rahele Jomepour is an illustrator and painter, she creates individual mini sculptures with Doll Clay . She also loves to have her illustrations in motion.
She was featured as one of the illustrators seleced for the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide (Lurzer’s Special Archive) in 2010.She is a Merit Award recipient for 3X3 Contemporary Illustration Competition held in New York in 2012. Her works have also been selected for several international awards including Figures Futur - Concours international d'illustration - 11e édition,France,2008,The 4th edition of South Korea's CJ Picture Book Festival, Korea,2012, and Theater Illustration and Poster Design, Venice, Italy, 2011. Her illustrations have appeared in books and magazines in Iran and Portugal. She currently lives in Ames, Iowa where she is completing an MFA in Integrated Visual Arts at Iowa State University.
In addition, she has a big collection of stickers and recently she saved money to buy Legos for building her smal and colorful houses.
Welcome to my world :)


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